AgriGator+™ works by stabilizing soil aggregates. AgriGator+ is applied after the soil has been worked into the proper condition for planting. The product travels in the water through the soil going wherever the water goes. As the water penetrates the aggregates, the AgriGator+ molecules (linear molecules with multiple charged sites) attach themselves to the negatively charged clay particles on the surface of the aggregates forming somewhat of a flexible net that allows the aggregates to expand and contract without disintegrating. Stable aggregates are formed which insure proper soil structure from planting to harvest.

Effects of proper tillage can be preserved, producing all the benefits of a well structured soil while avoiding the problems associated with unstable soils. A well structured soil is the essential foundation of a healthy and vigorous crop. A well structured soil is one in which the individual soil particles (sand, silt and clay) are grouped together in stable aggregates with open pore spaces between them. This structure allows for the proper movement of air and water through the pore spaces and, by remaining stable the aggregates can absorb and hold moisture, releasing with plant needs.

AgriGator+ is a water-based, water-run, concentrated material. It is applied using common chemigation practices. A typical application is usually less than 10 gallons per acre. Most applications a small nurse tank is all that is required. AgriGator+ is injected directly into the irrigation water via a variety of methods such as a pump, venturi inject or even gravity feed depending on the specific irrigation setup being used.

AgriGator+ remains stable in the soil until the bonds are broken mechanically by major tillage. For this reason, only one application in seasonal row crops is needed per crop-cycle. Depending on soil type often AgriGator+ is the choice on permanent no-till crops as well, in these cases 2 and sometimes 3 smaller applications may be required. A decision to retreat is based on the onset of standing water.